A Special Organization

When you become a Daedalian, you join a venerated organization made up of distinguished patriots, past and present. Your membership offers several advantages, including the ability to network and build camaraderie with similar-minded and motivated individuals, to help advocate and advance military aviation and space technology, and to recognize, be involved with, and learn about the top aviators of yesterday and today.

Become a member of the Daedalians, and we’ll send you your official membership card and a limited edition T-shirt you can wear with pride. We look forward to welcoming you to our ranks!

Daedalians - We Flew We Fly
Volabamus Volamus

Membership Categories

A person who, prior to 11 November 1918 as a commissioned officer in any component of the United States Armed Forces, held a rating as a military pilot of heavier-than- air powered aircraft.
A commissioned military officer, warrant officer or Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) in any component of the United States Armed Forces who is a pilot, navigator, combat systems officer (CSO), naval flight officer (NFO), air battle manager (ABM), remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) pilot or flight surgeon of heavier than air powered aircraft or astronaut and is accepted as a member to perpetuate the membership of a Founder Member. Normally, only two Named Members are authorized but the National Adjutant may add additional memberships.”
A descendant, real or adopted, of a Founder Member. There is no limit to Hereditary Members authorized for any one Founder Membership.

A distinguished person who is not otherwise eligible for membership in the Order. The National Board of Directors screens recommendations and selects the nominee to be submitted to the vote of the active membership. At least three quarters of the votes cast must be in favor of the nominee’s designation as an Honorary Member. The number of Honorary Members shall not exceed 15 at any one time.

Life Membership

Life membership can be started for $125 and paid off over 3 years. Periodic statements are sent as reminders of the balance. If you would like to know more about Life Membership, please contact us at 210-945-2111 or email us at

Founder Spotlight

Maj. Gen. Herbert A. “Bert” Dargue — Founder Member #1738

Lost Daedalians

Do you know someone who is lost from the Daedalians? Help us find our lost members.