First Flight for Sikorsky-Boeing’s Defiant Delayed Until 2019

Despite plans for the Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant helicopter to fly in 2018, the schedule has now slipped to next year, company executives said Dec. 12.

The Defiant — which is based on Sikorsky’s X-2 technology — is an advanced rotary-wing platform developed for the Army to inform requirements for future vertical life aircraft. The system is part of the service’s joint multi-role technology demonstrator effort. The initiative is a precursor to the Army’s future vertical lift program, which is meant to replace legacy helicopters with a family of new systems in the 2030s.

While the Defiant is now fully built, recent discoveries with the power­train system test bed, or PSTB, system has caused delays, delaying first flight until early 2019, said Rich Koucheravy, Sikorsky’s director for business development for future vertical lift.


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