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Welcome to the Daedalians Virtual Flight. This page celebrates the heritage of our Founder Members, and offers all visitors an interactive look at aviation. Additionally, Daedalians who are not affiliated with a local flight/chapter may join the Virtual Flight email list to get updates on activities and information. There are no flight dues.

Each year on Armistice Day, Daedalians meet up to remember those who have flown west and celebrate those who are achieving their dreams to become military aviators. Don’t live near a flight? Send us your name and location and we’ll connect you with other Daedalians close by.

BLUE: Episode 25: Pilot Pipeline

The Air Force’s pilot shortage is a complex issue. To get more pilots from the classroom to the cockpit, Airmen are using technology and processes in innovative ways. Take a journey through the pilot pipeline to see solutions Airmen have implemented in each stage of fighter pilot training.


Daedalians keep World War I aviators’ legacy alive while looking to future

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Just a block away from the headquarters of Air Education and Training Command, the Air Force major command responsible for pilot training, stands a building that houses a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping the legacy of the United States’ first military aviators alive.


Col. John A. Macready

John Arthur Macready — the first and only person to win the coveted Mackay Trophy three times — never backed down from a challenge. Whether it was setting records in high altitude or endurance flights, being the first person to make a parachute jump from a plane at night, flying the first non-stop transcontinental flight, or even coming up with the idea of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, Macready achieved these feats and more.

Stay on top of the news

The Airpower Blog features news stories that impact military aviators from all the services. Whether it’s the latest weapons system, safety concerns, readiness or personnel issues, you can find these stories and more. Want the news delivered to your inbox? You can sign up to get a weekly Airpower Blog update.

Daedalus Flyer

Summer 2018 Issue
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June 2018 Issue

Heritage Snapshot

John A. Hilger, who would retire as a brigadier general in 1966, is shown as a flying cadet at Army Air Corps flying school in 1933. In 1942, he was assigned as deputy commander and pilot with the Doolittle Raiders, and participated in the April 18, 1942, raid on Tokyo. Learn more about him here.

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Celebrating camaraderie

Organizing a military reunion? Add it to our listing below! Just click on the + sign to see the upcoming events. To add your reunion to the list, email communications@Daedalians.org.


FAC Association Reunion
Sept. 17-22, 2018
Seattle, Washington
POC: Joe Sowa
360-362-2812 or joesowa@reagan.com

B-47 Stratojet Association Reunion
Sept. 18-20, 2018
Omaha, Nebraska
POC: Dick Purdum
402-291-5247 or dickpurdum@cox.net

19th Air Refueling Squadron SAC
15th Biannual Reunion
All personnel invited
Oct. 7-9, 2018
Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
POC: Frank Szemere
fiszemere@cox.net or 850-862-4279

86th Fighter-Bomber Group (WWII) Association
Oct. 10-14, 2018
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
POC: Dallas E. Lowe
850-319-3047 or fighterbomberpilot@yahoo.com

Air Force Flying Class 56-U 62nd Annual Reunion
Oct. 10-12, 2018
Wichita Falls, Texas
POC: J.B. Riley
940-636-2364 or jriley7531@aol.com

Troop Carrier/Tactical Airlift Association
(Joined by 39th, 62nd Troop Carrier units & the Professional Loadmaster Association)
Oct. 11-14, 2018
Dayton, Ohio
POC: Mike Welch
310-944-8089 or mikewelch333@gmail.com

Air Rescue Association
Oct. 17-20, 2018
Long Island, New York
POC: Walt Hines
334-399-5221 / 334-272-7927
Website: http://airrescueassn.org

3512th, 3551st, 3389th PTS
Oct. 23-26, 2018
Biloxi, Mississippi
POC: M.A. Treadway
356-585-4221 or majorandlindatreadway@gmail.com

F-106 All Troops Reunion
April 3-7, 2019
Tucson, Arizona
POC: Bob Kwiecinski
Website: https://www.f-106deltadart.com/

41st MAS/ALS
May 9-11, 2019
Charleston AFB, South Carolina
POC: John Mentavlos
843-337-0515 or johnmentavlos@att.net

Daedalian Photo Album

If you have a photo of yourself — either current or from “back in the day” — that you’d like to share on this page, please send it to Annette@Daedalians.org, with “Daedalian Photo Album” in the subject line.


How many airpower legends have you met?

If you have Amazon Prime TV, you may want to check out “Legends of Airpower.” This award-winning series features 52 men and women who made America’s airpower the most respected in the world.

From early pioneers like Eddie Rickenbacker and Billy Mitchell, to space travelers like John Glenn and Eileen Collins, it should come as no surprise that many of these legends are Daedalians!

What kind of viper pilot are you?

A viper fighter squadron is made up of a diverse group of pilots, each contributing his or her own unique talents to create a force of unparalleled power.
Ever wonder what kind of pilot you would make?

Can you decipher an aviation chart?

An aviation VFR Sectional chart is chock-full of visual reference information that is important for every pilot, but even with all that info at your fingertips it can be difficult to decode the sometimes cryptic cartography.

Engineering the Wright Way

See if you have what it takes to build a virtual Wright Flyer online in this free game offered by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

A New Moon Rises

“Views From the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera” features exploration sites, discoveries, topography and more from the exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Single-Pilot Concept

Former Naval officer and retired airline pilot Jim Green talks about the future of air travel in his TEDx Talk presentation, “Advancing Airline Single-Pilot Concept.”