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Coast Guard Leaders Are Swinging for the Fences

After years of bemoaning its insufficient budget levels, the Coast Guard is pushing for a major spending increase in fiscal year 2019. In his recent State of the Coast Guard address, Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft used a baseball analogy to explain the service’s new...

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Spare-parts problem hampering Eglin F-35 program

EGLIN AFB — Problems with repairing parts and acquiring spare parts for the F-35 Lightning II could jeopardize pilot training for the next-generation multiple-role stealth fighter jet, according to a local congressman. Without a quick solution for the spare-parts...

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Army National Guard Calling for More Apaches

The Army National Guard is looking to increase the number of Apache attack helicopters per battalion after the force level was reduced by top decision-makers earlier this year, according to a service official. The Army announced in January that it had decided to keep...

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This helicopter will be the new Marine One

For a long time, “Marine One” has been the call sign for any U.S. Marine Corps aircraft that carries the President of the United States. Since 1978, two helicopters from Sikorsky, the VH-3D Sea King and the VH-60N White Hawk, have fulfilled this role. As you can...

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Military pilots’ hypoxia episodes still a mystery

Blocks away from the entrance to Pensacola Naval Air Station, retired naval flight officer Mikal “Butch” Kissick sells knee boards, seat pads and other items to military flight students. Wings Pensacola, which also features vintage naval aviation...

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