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US Navy Establishes Unmanned Aircraft Squadron

On Sunday, the Navy Times reported that the service will create the Air Test and Evaluation Two Four (UX24) to develop and test unmanned aerial systems in October. The drone command will be based in Webster Outlying Field, Maryland, and be under the Naval Air Systems...

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Why are so many fighter pilots leaving the Air Force?

The Air Force has a multi-billion dollar problem with one of its most expensive assets: pilots.Across all of its branches, the American military is is having trouble filling its ranks. For the Air Force, the main issue is retaining pilots after they’ve gone through...

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Coast Guard Cadets Redesign Helicopter Rescue Basket

NEW LONDON, Conn. — Coast Guard Academy cadets studying mechanical engineering here have been prototyping a new and improved rescue basket, which could revolutionize the way the Coast Guard conducts search and rescue missions with MH-60 Jayhawk helicopters. The...

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MAG-12 squadrons, Marines awarded for aviation excellence

The Marine Corps Aviation Association is a non-profit organization that recognizes the best aviators in the Marine Corps. Each year the MCAA publishes its recipients for all 29 awards, which helps boost comradery and its fraternal membership. This year Marine Aircraft...

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