The Foundation matches scholarships awarded by the flights and also funds the Egan Mentoring Scholarships, Egan ROTC Scholarships, Spencer Scholarships, Descendant Scholarships, Foundation Sponsored Scholarships, and other named scholarships.

Daedalians Flying Training (DFT) scholarship

The Daedalians Flying Training (DFT) scholarship pays half the cost of flight training for two students per participating flight annually with funds from the Tex Hill and Les Leavoy DFT Scholarship accounts.


High Schools may request the medals from a local flight in their area. High schools may also order directly through Ira Green Incorporated. National Headquarters for the Daedalians provides medals to participating Daedalian Flights. The HQ does not provide medals to individual JROTC units.

Civil Air Patrol STEM program

An opportunity to get involved with today’s youth and make a difference for future leaders.


Trophies and awards are sponsored by the Daedalians. Our organization recognizes flight safety in all areas of military aviation and even reaches out to our future by awarding our top high school JROTC students.