The mission of the Daedalian Foundation is to promote military aviation, education, citizenship, and charity. We have set the following goals to accomplish this mission:

  • We will inspire young Americans to pursue careers as military aviators, via college scholarships, flying instruction, and other educational opportunities.
  • We will perpetuate the spirit of patriotism, the love of country, and the high ideals of self-sacrifice exemplified by the American pilots of World War I in whose honor the Order of Daedalians was founded.
  • We will raise and invest funds to advance the Daedalian Foundation mission.


We will inspire tomorrow’s military aviators to selflessly serve the Nation.

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The Daedalian Foundation offers a number of programs to inspire future military aviators. Many different scholarships are available to students through our local flights (chapters). To find your nearest flight click here.  Many of our local flights offer a Cadet Flight Indoctrination Program allowing students who want to pursue a military career in aviation to attend ground school and taking flying lessons up to the point of a solo flight. Our National Headquarters supports the JROTC medal program for high schools nationally. The Daedalian Foundation also produces the “Daedalus Flyer,” a quarterly news and educational publication. Many of the top military education facilities present awards sponsored by the Foundation.

The Cadet Flight Indoctrination Program seeks to find students who want to serve our country as a military aviator and are eligible physically and mentally to serve in the military as a rated officer. Think you have what it takes? Fill out an application, or talk to your school counselor or ROTC instructor about a future in military aviation.


The Daedalian Foundation provides various scholarship opportunities to students who have demonstrated the desire and potential to become a commissioned military aviator (pilot, navigator, combat systems officer, Naval flight officer, air battle manager, astronaut, RPA pilot, or flight surgeon). Learn More>

Daedalian Flying Training (DFT) scholarship

The Daedalian Flying Training (DFT) scholarship is a four-way partnership of the Daedalian Foundation, participating flights, FAA certified flight schools, and the selected candidates. Successful applicants will receive ground and flight training necessary to achieve a solo flight in a general aviation fixed wing aircraft. Learn More>


The Daedalian Foundation awards excellence in education with presentations made to outstanding graduates of the undergraduate pilot training schools of the USAF Air Education and Training Command, the Naval Air Training Command, and to outstanding graduates of the Army Aviation School, first awarded in 1960, to the USAF Academy Outstanding Cadet in the Order of Graduation – the top graduate, first awarded in 1959, and to the USAF Academy Outstanding Cadet in the Order of Graduation – the top graduate, first awarded in 1959. Learn More>

JROTC Medals

Daedalians are a fraternity of commissioned military aviators from all services. It is named after the legendary figure Daedalus, and was organized by World War I pilots who sought to perpetuate the spirit of patriotism, love of country those high ideals of self-sacrifice to the national about personal safety and position. This award is offered to encourage the development of these traits in junior ROTC cadets and to interest them in a military career. The Daedalian JROTC medal is one of the highest ranked awards in each of the services.

Daedalus Flyer

The quarterly publication of the Daedalians offering information on local flight activities including speakers, awards and presentations. The Daedalus Flyer publishes historical and current aviation news and is available to the public. This magazine also lists information on what is happening nationally with the Daedalians and celebrates Daedalian support of military aviation through awards and base/fort/camp recognition.