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Blue Angels ‘Boss’ Stresses Need for Debrief in Ops

Former Blue Angels leader Greg “Boss” Wooldridge underscored the importance of a debrief to foster a culture of excellence whether in a business aviation flight department or on a Blue Angels tour. Wooldridge, the only commander to lead the Blue Angels three times,...

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U.S. Military Tackles Vexing Issue of Physiological Episodes

The U.S. military has confirmed one thing: the physiological episodes (PEs) that pilots occasionally experience because of oxygen deprivation or decompression sickness present a “complex, perplexing issue,” to use the Navy’s words. A spate of recent incidents...

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U.S. Air Force Will Test KC-46 to Assess Boom-Scraping Issue

The U.S. Air Force will test the KC-46 aerial refueling tanker next month to better understand a boom-scraping problem that it considers a potential safety issue. Based on the test results and its assessment of the risk involved, the service will decide whether to...

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Familiar Face Returns to Flight Line

As the helicopter lifted off and took flight, the team of maintainers with Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (HX) 21 could scarcely believe what they had accomplished. Tasked to transform a stripped-down aircraft into a viable test asset, the team had accepted the...

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