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Wrestling with the sound barrier

Langley engineers recognized the potentially deadly hazards of high-speed flight well before the Nov. 4, 1941, crash of a P-38 Lightning whose tail sheared off in the pullout from a steep dive. As early as 1928, John Stack, as a junior aeronautical engineer, was...

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Army Looks to Integrate Aircraft Technology Faster

The Army’s program executive office for aviation has stood up a new team that will work to get science and technology efforts developed more quickly by encouraging earlier and increased collaboration with industry, according to the office’s leader. The “future...

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Navy Carrier Tech Could Help Army Helos Land in Brownouts

Raytheon’s Joint Precision Approach and Landing (JPAL) System has been used for years by the Navy to help guide fighter aircraft into clean tailhook landings aboard aircraft carriers. But now the company is pitching JPALs to the Army as a way to help rotorcraft...

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Aviation officials call for more coordination on air safety

WASHINGTON • Aviation officials told a Senate committee Thursday that there is still not enough intelligence sharing between the government and private aviation. They also said they remained concerned about the lack of coordination with foreign carriers coming into...

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Air Force seeks retired pilots to return to active duty

The Air Force is encouraging retired pilots to return to active duty to fill rated staff positions and help alleviate manning shortages within the pilot community, the Air Force Personnel Center said in an announcement Monday. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson...

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