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Industry panel may ask FAA to roll back aviation safety rules

WASHINGTON — An influential industry panel plans to vote Thursday on recommendations that the Federal Aviation Administration eliminate or scale back dozens of safety rules, including one on airline pilot qualifications. The recommendations are contained in a report...

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Happy Birthday, Air Force and its training command

There is a statue in front of our headquarters building. Written on it is a name — Air Training Command — that sounds antiquated to me, and to the men and women who work here at the now-Air Education and Training Command. The marker is a reminder that our business,...

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Interview with the “Air Boss”

Proceedings Magazine: Let’s start by talking about the problems with the T-45 Goshawk’s on-board oxygen generation system . If you would, take us back to when this issue first came to the public’s attention—the March 2017 flight instructors’ so-called mutiny where...

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Who’s in Control?

As political debate on the issue of privatizing control of air space in the United States intensifies, eyes have turned north of the border to Nav Canada, Canada’s private airspace management company. Named as a standard for U.S. airspace privatization by U.S....

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Peeking into the Air Force’s F-35 Training Course

First Lt. Brett Burnside soared at Mach 1.4 — 1,075 miles per hour — supersonic in the dead of night over the desert, inverted over his wingman. As a brand-new pilot, such a feat gave Burnside a burst of adrenaline. What’s more, he was pulling the...

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